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This book will prove to be an invaluable aid to all cusious visitors who wish to get to know Barcelona when the sun goes down. This is the book of the Barcelona that never sleeps, when the daytime rush from place becomes a noisy bustle, full of fun, but no less cultural.
Barcelona BY NIGHT contains more than 200 full-color photographs taken especially for the publication. The book describes a suggestive tour of restaurants, party spaces, night-clubs - all of the most attractive and emblematic and unique spots of one of the most charming and cosmopolitan cities in the world. There is also a different view of Barcelona's modernista architecture, off the beaten track of the traditional tour of the buildings. The night is said to be for those who dare. This book will let you find out: the night is yours.


When night falls


Living night

Nighttime entertainment


When the sun goes down and electric lighting begins to illuminate the city's spaces, Barcelona is no less bright than in the daytime. Night transforms the day's hurries and worries into a busyling late-hour happines, wiping away, if only for a few hours, the memory of the hassle of the day.
Darkness doesn't really exist in this welcoming metropolis that never rests and keeps moving to the sometimes frenetic rhythm set by the sea that bathes its feet. But there is also the cadence of the street music, there are the laughs of the night people...
Barcelona is an open city, modern and hospitable, and its nighttime is more than a faithful reflection of this cosmopolitan and welcoming spirit that invades and inspires it.
In Barcelona there is room for everything. For everybody.
Nighttime entertainment here is so extensive, varied, and pluralistic that most of the time it's difficult to limit yourself. So much of the time you forget to do half of it! There is little time and much to do, and choosing is the first task for anybody who wishes to discover and be seduced by what the city has to offer.
Activities of all sorts take place in this Mediterranean setting: concerts, dances, spectacles, festivals, fireworks, dinners where the table talk lasts into the morning, interminable pub crawls... there's a place for everything.
Barcelona nighlife has changed so much with the passage of time and in such a fast-moving way that places that seemed untouchable 20 years ago have either closed their doors or simply fallen into total oblivion. Every-thing passes and nothing remains, as the poet Antonio Machado said. And yet... this is not entirely true: many things have happened,many have died and many new locales have come into being, bringing with them new ways of having fun, new leisure activities, new ways of living the night, of enjoying... But ont thing, perhaps the most important, main thing, that is still here, is that spirit of enjoying to the full the nighttime hours, that desire to live the night.


photographs by Roger Casas


editore ASSPAN
edizione 2002
pagine 128
formato 16x23
cartonato con sovracoperta colori
tempo medio evasione ordine

9.99 €
9.99 €

EAN : 9788489439726

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