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In this book, Brigitte von Boch uses flowers as a crucial and creative element in interior design. Her arrangements set off and complement the surrounding décor, and bring the outdoors inside. She delights in adding just a touch of the unexpected to the best of traditional flower design. This volume profiles over 200 of her inspiring creations, and demonstrates how color, form and texture can combine to maximum effect. The author showcases an array of stunning arrangements for all seasons. A delight for the senses, this collection is a true work of art. Brigitte von Boch has made her name as a lifestyle and decorating expert, and produces the magazine Brigitte von Boch Living. She is the proprietor of the Hotel Gut Linslerhof in the Saarland. This is her fifth book. An inspiration for plant lovers, flower arrangers, and interiors enthusiasts alike An ideal gift for the flower arranger, or flower lover

Flower Design adds important accents to rooms. For only compositions with flowers complete every interior. They underline the impact of architecture and interior design, and at the same time initiate a dialogue between the indoors and the outdoors. The result is a vivid design language.
Brigitte von Boch understands the art of flower arrangements, and her Flower Designs carry her own trademark. She appreciates familiar combinations, but also loves to play with opposites. Such tensions liven up her art.
This book provides an insight into the lifestyle world of the interior design expert Brigitte von Boch, throughout the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Nearly 100 favourite creations, chosen by the editor of the lifestyle magazine "Brigitte von Boch Living" herself, are assembled. They show how colours, forms and textures can result in the ideal desired effect. It is a journey through the year from the first snowdrops, via Easter arrangements, and
airy summer bouquets, up to autumnal compositions that skilfully capture this season's blaze of colours. Even winter's fioral scantiness can be used effectively. This book invites you to wallow, admire, and be inspired.
Dear readers,

"One only needs to behold the flora, respect the species' uniqueness, and accept their natural essences. Not to subdue, but discover them. Not to distort them. Not force them into Sunday clothes. Only bring them to life."
I would define my own style in the same way Christian Tortu, the famous Parisian flowerartist, describes his philosophy. Because in flower art it is primarily essential to grasp the plants' character, so their special magic can spine.
With my Flower Design I intend to show how the multifaceted approaches to this taks. After all, only harmony and contrasts can breathe life into arrangements. This is dependent on various components: the composition of the different flowers, the form, the colour gradient, the texture and material of the vessels in which they are arranged, as well as the interior, the stage, so to speak, upon which they are placed. And finally, it depends on the hint of humour, the slight kick, the play with the unexpected.
I love the natural harmony, which can be experienced outdoors. But I also like unexpected encounters: daisy meets lemon thyme, Easter egg meets carnation, hydrangea meets raspberry. I like the dynamism of a delicate blossom, protected by a robust foliage, transparency juxtaposed to luscious green, and thorniness to softness. The result is always a still life, which is made fro eternity.

Brigitte Von Boch


editore TENEUES
edizione 2006
pagine 168
formato 23x29,7
tempo medio evasione ordine
5 giorni

29.90 €
15.00 €

ISBN : 3-8327-9169-8
EAN : 9783832791698

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